Our Service

Our company appreciates the relations with our clients and suppliers very highly. We understand that we do business together, from raw materials to an end product; as well as like our clients, we are concerned about an end product and we constantly do our best to improve its quality, proposing extraordinary and most advanced solutions. We provide full technological support and ready decisions for cost minimization of your production.

Also, our dear clients can be confident in quality of the delivered ingredients and their full compliance to standards and regulations of the Uzbek legislation. We provide free samples and ready decisions for your productions. "ELEPHANT GROUP" company – the reliable partner for your business.

The food industry and technologies in Uzbekistan develop by leaps and bounds, such as followings:

  • The Equipment – Food Production
  • Industrial Food Equipment

The equipment for producing food products is in very big demanded in our country. Nothing is easier, than to use modern technologies and to organize an inexhaustible source of profit on the one hand, and a source of fresh quality products of daily demand on the other hand. A noble purpose of any businessman – to bring benefit to the country, and as an award for the work to receive constant profit.

Food production belongs to productions of paramount importance. For any state, it is important to provide not just a market saturation with quality products, but also to ensure food security of the country, diversification and a food source for people, independent of import. What can be more noble, than feed the people of the country with high-quality and useful products of day-to-day consumption?

And what can be simpler than support the well-established business, using the proven and well-tried schemes of production, getting experience of successful global manufacturers? Exactly such invaluable support is provided by our company –from initial consultations on market access to recommendations and "secret ingredients" – nuances of production technology of foodstuff.

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