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Our new partner, german company


What do you know about the German quality? Machines, equipment, roads …

We offer products only of high quality, a guarantee of the correct storage and transportation, the standardized product from a batch to a batch. All this together gives you a product of which you can be sure.

Our new partner, the German company FREY & LAU GmbH, is located in port Hamburg. It was established more than 175 years ago, today this is a high technology production, being one of key players in the field of production of food flavors, fragrances, essential oils.

We together with our German partners will work on improvement of quality and cost reduction of domestic goods. For the detailed information follow assortments link or directly contact our office.

We thank you for the interest shown to our company.

FREY & LAU GmbH - made in Germany

Sacco System (Italy)

The Italian company "Sacco System" located in Northern Italy has more than the 140 year long history. It was established in 1872, by Italian chemist Martino Clerici who founded  the firm "Novocaglio Clerici". The company was one of the first-ever producers of milk-clotting enzymes. In 1972 after acquisition of production of bacterial starters, the Sacco System holding was established". Today it is the largest producer of animal enzymes and starter cultures in Europe. 85% of produced products are exported, mainly to the European Union countries.

All products of "Sacco System", conform to standards of the EU. The company has ISO 9001:2000 quality control system, certificates of HALAL and KOSHER. Thanks to it the company supplies its products to far beyond the European Union – they easily maintain the procedure of certification in any country of the world. "Sacco System" is present in the markets of USA, Japan and, of course, CIS countries. Our company is a sole distributor of "Sacco System" in Uzbekistan

Clerici Sacco Group