Why you should use just Branded starter cultures

Having come into any supermarket you will see, having looked at the filled shelves that only some of brands of fermented milk products are in the increased demand, and the others are obstinately ignored by the buyer, standing idle on shelves all period of validity. Why? What is the secret of successful sales of particular brands of kefir, yogurt or sour cream with cottage cheese?

Let's understand.
In fact, everything that is necessary for producing of natural qualitative cheese or yogurt is:

  1. Milk
  2. and Starter.

The technology of preparation of starters was perfected in the millennia, and reached perfection presently. There is nothing easier, than to use the modern starters "from a test tube" made in express laboratories on a sterile inventory to prepare the required high-quality product. Biotechnology of dairy products such is that all main work on fermentation and starter of a product is carried out by microorganisms, and those who grow up these microorganisms.

Почему нужно использовать фирменные закваски

All (modern) types of starters of fermented milk products and cheeses use colonies of microorganisms, expressly grown up, completely clear from foreign strains, or on prime – the production starters. Application of biotechnology in the food industry is made for a long time, and every year process is more and more automated, standardized and homogenized.

What does it mean? It means that the modern starters have a little common with the starter "in the old manner", starter "from air". And though "ancestors" of present fermenting cultures were really taken from air, since then there passed centuries, these cultures so changed that to repeat this path and to grow up the full-fledged production starter in house conditions most will be extremely difficult, practically – it is impossible.

Почему нужно использовать фирменные закваски

Even in times when cheeses and dairy products were made by milk producers from their own starters, qualitative starter was transferred and carefully preserved by masters and owners of dairy farms and farms. At the moment enzymes and starters are main products of biotechnology which are in the maximal demand and bring invaluable benefit to all mankind. Though whole cow's milk is also intended for a delivery in primitive, so to speak a "unspoiled" look, but it is intended not for the human, and for calves. For a human stomach cow's milk, so to say – is rather rough. And therefore that the gentle human stomach could acquire rough cow's milk, the mankind always went on tricks.

Sour-milk starters do with milk approximately the same as the meat grinder with meat or a mill – with grains, turning a rough molecular structure of fresh cow's milk into the gentle and easily acquired structure of kefir, yogurt or cottage cheese. The modern methods use of microorganisms in agriculture reached the deification. But together with effectiveness also dependence of producers on starters grew. The newest types of starters for production of fermented milk products are required to be bought constantly. Not that in olden days – when yesterday's katyk it was possible to leave on starter, and having added fresh milk – it turned out fresh katyk. In principle, in villages and settlements still people did not hear about any certified starters, just put milk under a gauze to the warm place – and it turned sour.

Почему нужно использовать фирменные закваски

Unfortunately, with the production starters you will not act this way. The modern starters – lactic, starter for yogurt, – it is necessary to use starters for cheese once. Starter re-using, perhaps, will lead to decay of a product and a loss of the producer.

Why does that happen? Imagine that your dairy product is as if the soil for cultivation of culture of vegetables, the field or a kitchen garden, and starter – seeds. When you seed seeds the first time – from a bag – they will be selected, as on selection, one to one. Also the harvest – all vegetables perfect large and tasty will be same. But, having collected seeds since the first harvest "on point width", you receive not such clear and selected seeds any more – they will be shallow, will be rotten, there will be in general seeds of other plants – weeds. If to seed these seeds "on the second cycle", nobody will give a guarantee for a high-quality harvest.

Почему нужно использовать фирменные закваски

The same happens with starter – after the first fermentation of culture of microorganisms (colonies of lactic bacteria) become not such homogeneous as in the beginning "from a test tube" – "weeds" – wild colonies of other cultures can occur among them in minute quantities. And unlike seeds, you will not filter starter and you will not touch manually and if to continue to use it – "wild" cultures, bacteria weeds – begin to prevail over an initial original monoculture, as a result fermented milk product will lose the tenderness and usefulness, and also decay of all party is possible in general.

Never use starter "from air"! Even ordinary people buy starter for yogurt "in house conditions" (in the yogurt maker) in a drugstore presently! Starter for house yogurt – very demanded product today.

We live in the 21st century when people – not without the aid of the modern science – live up to 100 years and above therefore the attempt to save and return to an ancient way of manufacture of sour-milk starter, according to "the grandfather's recipe", threatens to spoil not only gentle stomachs of the modern consumers, but also business. On the contrary, constant use of the purest starter for kefir, ferments for fermented milk products, high quality from our company will serve as a guarantee that your product will be swept away from shelves first of all.

Почему нужно использовать фирменные закваски