Protective Culture For Sour Milk Products In Summertime

For preservation of quality of dairy products and cheeses in summertime here in Uzbekistan, the Italian company "SACCO" offers Lyofast LPRA – Bioprotective culture. For nearly 20 years "SACCO" support the clients in improvement of safety of their products. This culture will help to protect fermented milk products and cheeses from an undesirable pathogenic microflora (a mold, fungi, yeast).

What can be noted at the same time? Use of this culture does not bear for itself any changes in the production technology of dairy products and cheeses. The bioprotective culture - Lyofast LPRA is used in parallel with fermenting culture.

When using bioprotective culture - Lyofast LPRA our Uzbek technologists noted its following positive properties:

  • To increase periods of validity of fermented milk products and cheeses. (in Europe it is admissible up to 21 days)
  • Dairy products without use of preservatives. (as a result the consumer receives a straight ecological product)
  • Salt-endurance of all cultures allows to apply them in production of all types of cheeses and cottage cheese.
  • Cold-tolerancy of all cultures allows to provide most long antagonistic effect concerning sanitary and exponential microorganisms even in the conditions of a cold storage room.
  • Qualitative characteristics of production raise, such defects as "stratification of a product", "inflation of packing" are eliminated.
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