The ELEPHANTGROUP company was founded in Tashkent in 2015. We brought together the competent specialists work with great responsibility on improvement of quality and cost reduction of products of our clients. We deliver only high-quality food ingredients of the European and Asian producers to Uzbekistan. Constant exchange of information with foreign technologists, allows us to have access to the latest technologies, tendencies of the world market of the food industry. We aim to improve quality of the foodstuff produced in Uzbekistan to world level.

What is our company engaged in? Here is a small list which nevertheless can provide much information:

  • Yogurt culture
  • Kefiric culture
  • Technology of fermented milk products
  • Cheese manufacturing techniques
  • Cottage cheese culture
  • Food processing equipment in assortment

You can find the detailed list of all products on the page “All Assortment

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